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Entry counter

Entrance counter

The entrance counter performs 2 main functions: an interactive dialogue with the user (car owner) and a control mechanism for the parking entrance module. The entrance counter allows you to automate the passage of a car into the territory of paid or free parking.

One-time customers automatically receive a card from the entrance counter after pressing a button. Regular customers lean their card against an external reader.

Main characteristics

  • The entrance counter is designed for round-the-clock work 24/7 without the constant presence of service personnel.
  • The entrance counter is designed to work both in indoor parking and in the open air. The entrance rack includes a climate control system that ensures the normal operation of the device at temperatures from + 50°C to -40°C and humidity. A special inner coating allows you to economically use and maintain the temperature created by the climate control system./li>
  • The entrance counter works on the basis of a special controller of our own design, which eliminates troubles with complex software settings and unstable PC operation. Three processors, each performing its own task, provide real multitasking and service speed.

Entry rack capabilities

  • Vehicle passage control
    The entrance counter monitors all stages of the vehicle's passage, starting from the moment the car approaches the driveway, continuing with the stage of its movement through the driveway and ending with the closing of the barrier after the car has passed.
  • Protection against repeated passage
    The entrance counter will not allow the transfer of the card, track the theft of the card, refusal of passage or other attempts to abuse customers.
  • Control of the presence of the car under the boom
    The stand will prevent the barrier boom from lowering onto the car.
  • Accelerated issuance of a parking card
    The use of high-speed card dispensers in conjunction with the proprietary technology of preliminary preparation of the card, allows you to instantly issue a card after pressing a button.
  • Fast travel for a regular customer
    A regular customer does not need to insert a card into the card collector. It is enough just to lean it against the reader and the system will read and write down all the necessary information.
  • Telemetry data transmission to the server
    The entrance parking counter constantly exchanges information with the central server. Thus, the parking counter always has the latest and most accurate information, and the control server has complete information about the state of the passage equipment.
  • Recognition and transmission of more than 25 variants of passages (pass transactions)
    It would seem that difficult in the passage of a car? But this is not the case. The experience we have accumulated over 15 years allows us to recognize more than 25 vehicle travel options and react to each accordingly.
  • Remote Access Control from the Central Post
    Rope and cargo on the opposite side of the barrier are a thing of the past. To control the passage in a modern system, you can be several kilometers away from it, but maintain complete control over the situation and control the passage. Select the operating mode you need at the moment from the central post and the counter will quickly execute your command.
  • Digital voice communication module with the operator
    The client can always contact you to ask a question or ask for help. High-quality digital voice communication will allow both parties to communicate comfortably regardless of the street noise.
Стойка въезда нового поколения

New generation entrance counter

The rack is equipped with a 7 ”high-brightness color LCD display. The client's travel time has been significantly accelerated.

In addition to the described functions of the classic driveway, the following optional features can be added:

  • Travel using a previously received barcode (for example, a ticket to a sports event or a theater; a code sent to a guest on a mobile phone; etc.).
  • Travel by NFC.
  • The ability to adapt the device operation algorithm to the client's business process.
  • The ability to connect a wide range of additional devices (camera, fingerprint scanner, specialized readers and other devices);
  • Other possibilities according to the customer's specifications.


Entry post options

Entrance counter
Regular passage, regular and one-time customers. Automatic card issuance to one-time clients or guests. Standard functionality.

Service counter, Crossing counter
This type of parking stands is used in two cases:

  1. If there is no free passage to the parking area (business centers, industrial zones, closed areas) and entry is carried out with passes
  2. If necessary, organize a nested zone (for example, daily parking, or a VIP zone)

In both cases, the same device is used, which differs from the public entrance counter by the absence of a card dispenser.

Two-level service counter

This type of entry rack is used when it is necessary to service buses and freight transport in conjunction with cars.

The parking rack is a combination of two entrance racks in a single building.

Driving using a long-range marker
If you do not use parking cards, and you want the car to be able to enter the territory without additional actions from the driver, then this option is for you. A long-range RFID reader (3-6m) will allow you to recognize the tag on the car windshield and automatically let the client into the parking area.

Other options for the entrance rack
It is difficult to describe the entire experience accumulated over 15 years on the site. A lot of information can confuse customers. But if you have not found the way of travel you need, contact our specialists and we will help you.

Warranty obligations

The warranty for all equipment is 1 year, after the commissioning of SPP PARKTIME.PRO, subject to the conclusion of a maintenance contract for this period. The possibility of extending the warranty is discussed individually.


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