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Outbound counter

Outbound counter

Domestic car enthusiasts, who regularly use the services of automatic parking, appreciate the high level of comfort of such systems. One of the mandatory elements of an automated parking complex is an exit counter - a device that controls the process of vehicles leaving the parking area.

Main functions and principle of operation of the device

On modern APS , off-site check-in counters perform the following functions:

  • receiving a parking card, which contains information about the time spent by a particular vehicle in the parking lot;
  • checking the correctness of payment for parking services (control of the time limit provided for by the tariff);
  • control of the operation of executive devices (automatic barrier);
  • exchange of information with other elements of the system;
  • displaying messages on the device display.

The working algorithm of the exit rack is as follows:

  • The driver leaving the parking area in his car inserts the parking card into the receiving slot of the exit rack.
  • The system reads information about the time of stay of this vehicle in the parking lot and compares the received data with the current tariff.
  • If the admissible (paid) time limit has not been exceeded, the automatic barrier rises and the car can leave the parking lot.
  • In case of exceeding the time limit provided for in the tariff, departure will be allowed only after payment of the required amount. You can perform this procedure at the cash register.

A new generation of exit rack






A new generation of exit rack

The rack is equipped with a 7 ”high-brightness color LCD display. The client's travel time has been significantly accelerated.

In addition to the described functions of the classic driveway, the following optional features can be added:

  • Travel using a previously received barcode (for example, a ticket to a sports event or a theater; a code sent to a guest on a mobile phone; etc.).
  • Travel by NFC.
  • The ability to adapt the device operation algorithm to the client's business process.
  • The ability to connect a wide range of additional devices (camera, fingerprint scanner, specialized readers and other devices);
  • Other possibilities according to the customer's specifications.
Two-level exit rack

Offsite rack options

Offsite check- in counters are available in various modifications based on operating conditions and availability of certain functionality . In its standard version, this device receives parking cards and controls the exit of vehicles from the parking area.

If it is supposed to operate in low temperatures, the exit rack is additionally equipped with an air conditioner. The metal body of the device is highly resistant to mechanical stress, as well as to changes in temperature and humidity.

Two-level exit rack for easy passage of cars and trucks.

The two-level rack implements the full functionality of issuing and receiving cards, as well as reading cards with an external reader, both for cars and trucks. This type of rack is convenient to use on sites where the number of trucks is comparable to the number of cars.

Warranty obligations

The warranty for all equipment is 1 year, after the commissioning of SPP PARKTIME.PRO, subject to the conclusion of a maintenance contract for this period. The possibility of extending the warranty is discussed individually.


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