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Parking navigation

In large parking lots, heavily loaded with cars, it becomes insufficient to determine the availability of free spaces in the hall or on the floor. The search for a free space becomes too long, and the number of cars in motion increases significantly. The result is traffic jams and local congestion. Customers are eager to find a place closer to the entrance, but is there one? Conflicts or even accidents are possible.

The dynamic parking navigation system comes to the rescue. The system, using an ultrasonic sensor, determines the free or occupied each individual parking space and displays a light indication in the passage. Empty seats are indicated with a green signal, occupied ones - with a red one. The result is display lines on both sides far away from the driver, on which, thanks to the contrast of colors, free spaces are very clearly visible.

Information boards located in rows and parking zones show the corresponding number of free spaces in the directions of travel, which makes it easier for the driver to choose the direction of travel in the parking lot. In addition to the driver, parking navigation can also help the operator. The operator at a specialized workstation sees the picture of filling the parking lot as a whole, which makes it possible, if necessary, to direct the traffic of cars to a more free zone. This is very important when there are no more places at the beginning of the parking lot, and at the end it is completely empty.

Навигация на парковке

Navigation system composition


Vehicle presence sensor.

Determines the presence of a car in a parking space, filtering out cases of a car passing through a parking space or the presence of a person / cart. Sends information to the zone controller and controls the parking space indicator light.


Occupancy indicator

The remote indicator can light up in three colors: red - the place is occupied. Green - the place is free. Blue - a seat is reserved (or a specialized seat). The indicator is mounted opposite the ultrasonic sensor in the driveway, so that the color of the indicator is clearly visible when driving through the parking lane. High-brightness LEDs provide good visibility at all angles and viewing distances.


Entry board

The entrance board shows the total number of free parking spaces in the parking lot. It is possible to manufacture scoreboards according to the customer's design layout.


Navigation board

The parking navigation board is located in the parking area at intersections, lines and entrances to the hall. The board shows the number of free parking spaces and the direction in which they are available.


Zone controller

The zone controller collects information from the presence sensors and transmits the information to the parking controller. The zone controller is installed in an enclosure.

Parking controller

The parking controller collects information from the zone controllers. Manages all displays in the parking lot and transmits data to the host computer. Installed in an enclosure.



The software implements control of the parking navigation system through an interactive graphical interface. The software allows you to display on the screen a visual display of the occupancy of parking spaces in real time, as well as control the light indication. In addition, the navigation system software allows the collection and processing of statistical information. Current parking load in numerical and graphical representation; parking duration indicators; and many other reports.

Maintenance of the navigation system

Since the navigation system consists of a sufficiently large number of sensors, indicators and controllers, which are also located under the ceiling, for the convenience of employees servicing the system, all operations (maintenance, software updates, etc.) are performed remotely from the operator's workplace, via software.

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