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Automatic barrier

Entry and exit to any territory that has access restrictions must be under special control, therefore, barriers must be installed in parking lots near shopping and entertainment centers, airports, railway stations, business centers, sports and residential complexes. Even an ordinary “classic” barrier, consisting of a base and an arrow, helps to regulate the movement of vehicles in the controlled area. The maximum effect is achieved through the use of automatic parking systems, which, in addition to barriers, include a whole range of other equipment. Such systems allow to optimize the process of car movement and streamline the work of the parking lot.

Technical characteristics of the Magnetic barrier

  • Barrier boom lifting speed 1.3 s with a boom length of 3.5 m
  • Ability to work without interruption 7 days a week
  • The presence of a built-in loop antenna detector, without which automatic passage is impossible
  • Built-in system for monitoring the performance of IR sensors for closing the barrier
  • Additional boom lowering protection circuit
  • Aluminum body that is not subject to rusting
  • Reduced boom pivot
  • Intelligent frost protection controller
  • Possibility to use folding boom
  • Barrier boom tilting mechanism
  • The power consumption of the Magnetic Parking Pro barrier is only 95 W
  • Operating temperature range from -30 to + 55°C

Design and use of automatic barriers

This equipment is designed to block the passage and then open access to a closed area or a paid parking area. The device is a base with a "boom" attached to it. The base contains a control mechanism and a controller that controls this mechanism. Today, automatic barriers are used in parking lots near shopping centers, warehouses, office and industrial buildings. If necessary, individualization for specific tasks, you can additionally equip barriers with boom illumination, protective "skirt" and other devices that optimize the work.

This important component of an integrated automated and automatic parking system is part of the passage module, which can include both a list of devices for a complex paid parking system, and a simple receiver for remote control. Automatic barriers are hydraulic (powered by a hydraulic motor) and electromechanical (traction is provided by an electric motor).

There are a large number of barriers on the market. How to choose the right barrier for your parking and not be mistaken in all their variety? First of all, you need to pay attention to several characteristics:

  1. Boom opening / closing speed. It should not exceed 1.5 seconds. Otherwise, the cars will slip by "train" one after another.
  2. Work intensity. The intensity is determined by the congestion of your parking lot. In any case, it is necessary to choose a solution with some margin. We recommend choosing barriers with an intensity of 500 cycles per hour or more.
  3. Temperature characteristics. Pay special attention to this parameter. In our country, there are -30 °, and -40 °, and in some regions and -50 °! If you choose a barrier with a maximum operating temperature of -20 degrees, you will have to solve the problem of heating it at lower temperatures.
  4. Boom length. It determines the width of the passage that you can block with this barrier. Do not try to extend the boom yourself - it will break.
  5. The most important parameter is the destination. Unfortunately, manufacturers often keep silent about the fact that their barrier, despite its suitable characteristics, simply will not withstand the load that it requires to work as part of an automated parking system. The barrier is one of those devices without which the parking system will not work - that is why it is very important not to save on it. A professional barrier is expensive, but well worth it. Structurally, a barrier is not just a boom controlled by an engine, it is comparable to a passage post, and often represents an even more complex device. If a household barrier can be operated for six months or a year, then a professional one will serve for five or more years. And at the same time it will work without failures and breakdowns.


The automatic barrier is a controlled device. In the simplest case, the boom is opened by a button from the checkpoint or a signal from a remote control. In a more complex case, when an automated parking system is installed in the parking lot, the barrier is controlled by the passage counter (entrance or exit counter).

If you need to buy an automatic barrier, contact the PARKTIME.PRO company! At the moment, on sites, we use Magnetic barriers . The range of services includes not only manufacturing, but also the installation of a barrier. All items are guaranteed. In addition, our customers can count on a comprehensive service for automatic barriers. If during the operation of the equipment there are malfunctions, the specialists of PARKTIME.PRO will come to the indicated address for troubleshooting. Our experts will advise the customer and recommend the best equipment option, which is required in each specific case.


Warranty obligations

The warranty for all equipment is 1 year, after the commissioning of SPP PARKTIME.PRO, subject to the conclusion of a maintenance contract for this period. The possibility of extending the warranty is discussed individually.


The cost

The cost of automatic barriers

For dealers and regular customers - negotiable price.


To clarify the characteristics, call our managers by phone 8 (495) 212-12-50!


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