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Mobile checkout

Evotor is a manufacturer of online cash registers, software and cloud services for small and micro businesses.

The terminal software is based on Android. This is a whole operating environment that you can customize according to the specifics of your business. The user-friendly interface provides ease of use even for an untrained specialist.

And to expand its capabilities, Evotor has opened an application store: an entire platform is akin to AppStore or GooglePlay, where you can download updates that cover all the necessary tasks specific to your business.

The mobile cash register is a compact portable device designed to receive payment for parking without being tied to a stationary workplace. It is the lightest and most compact model: it weighs 400 g and fits into a jacket pocket. Complies with 54-FZ: connects to any fiscal data operator and transmits data to the Federal Tax Service.

The mobile cash register operates on the basis of the ST5F fiscal registrar and the Evotor device.

In addition to mobile devices, 7 "and 10" desktop versions can be used

Principle of operation:

To pay for parking, the operator enters a short number printed on the card, or scans the barcode printed on the card using the built-in camera. The received data is sent to the server for cost calculation. The received value is accepted for payment. A fiscal receipt is printed. The card payment data is sent to the server.

Mobile cash register


Display / touch screen Color LCD 5.5 "1280x720, / capacitive
Fiscal accumulator there is
Device for printing cash receipts Maximum print speed Up to 50 mm / s
Receipt tape Thermal paper up to 57 mm wide
Diameter 40 mm
Camera Two 5MP cameras, autofocus, flash
Supported wireless networks Wi-Fi (IPv4 protocol), Bluetooth 4.0, GSM 2G, 3G
Battery 2600 mAh x 2
Dimensions (W x D x H) 223x86x54mm
Weight 393g, without paper

The full set of characteristics can be viewed on the device's website.

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