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Parking management system

To manage the parking, specialized software is used, which contains an optimal set of functional tools and allows monitoring and control of the system.

To manage the parking, specialized software is used, which contains an optimal set of functional tools and allows monitoring and control of the system. The software package presents a modular architecture that allows you to conveniently distribute modules between employees, depending on their job descriptions. To access the system, an identification based on login and password is used. Access rights to operations are defined for users. This solves the problem of preventing abuse by parking staff.

The main modules of the system:

  • equipment monitoring and control module,
  • customer service module,
  • мtariff setting module,
  • reports and statistics module,
  • module "Manual cash register",
  • other modules.

Individual choice of employees access rights

There can be several parking management jobs. Moreover, each employee can have their own set of modules.

Together with the organization of access rights to operations, a convenient interface is implemented to eliminate redundancy and allows you to focus on solving problems in the area of employee responsibility.

An important point in the operation of the parking lot is the optimal granting of the access rights to employees operating in the system. If you do not restrict the rights of the system operator, this can lead to various abuse of office and, as a result, to the loss of company profits. At the same time, excessive restriction of the operator's rights can complicate or even paralyze the entire operation of the system. A correctly chosen balance, developed depending on the purpose of the parking lot and the number of employees, will allow you to get the maximum out of the system.


One of the most important aspects of parking management is the analysis of the data provided by a powerful reporting system.

Analysis of reports allows you to solve several problems at once:

  • the owner will be interested in reports on profit from his parking business (information on the transaction goes to the server after payment in the terminal);
  • the administrator will be interested in reports on actions potentially dangerous from the point of view of personnel abuse;
  • technicians need to review reports of system alarms and warnings, failures, and other technical aspects;
  • other reports (on the discounts provided, on the time of parking by the client for the period, etc.) will be the useful to the operator or administrator.

Operations, such as the admission of special vehicles or blocking the passage can be performed by the operator, without leaving the workplace, remotely. All actions performed by employees will be recorded in the appropriate log and can be analyzed for correctness.

Customization for business needs

It should be noted that the parking management system has integration with a number of third-party programs.

Example: video surveillance systems, car plate recognition

An important advantage of our control system is the possibility of its modernization according to the customer's specifications.

Example: the implementation of a PIN-code for guests in business centers, created in conjunction with a pedestrian access control system.

For questions about the implementation of the PARKTIME.PRO paid parking system at your enterprise, please contact our sales managers at +7 (495) 212-12-50 or

Our mission is: improving the quality of life by organizing comfortable parking lots and parking areas. Automation of parking lots of various types improves the traffic situation in large, car-laden cities of Russia and the CIS countries, increases the safety of vehicle storage, makes it possible to ensure the convenience of visiting airports and railway stations, shopping, entertainment and business centers, government institutions and sports facilities.

How paid parking works

Parking systems of the PARKTIME.PRO company allow effective management of parking of any category.

Parking at airport or railway station, a shopping or business center, an office building, a sports complex or a theater.

Before entering, the driver stops the car at the entrance counter, and the system monitors the free seats. At the push of a button, the customer receives a contactless MIFARE smart card - more secure and more modern than conventional magnetic or barcode tickets. Regular visitors (such as employees or tenants) and VIPs use pre-issued discounted or free rate cards.

The driver enters the parking lot. The number of free parking spaces is displayed on the information board.

Before leaving the parking lot, the driver pays for services using an automatic cash register: he inserts a card into the card collector, sees the amount on the screen, deposits bills, coins or pays with a bank card. Payment details are entered on the parking card. In small parking lots, the cashier accepts payment before leaving, doing all the above operations.

If necessary, you can install an additional navigation system that allows you to show the location of free seats and the direction of travel to them.

After payment, the driver drives up to the exit counter, inserts the paid parking card into the card collector.

The counter reads the data from the card, processes them, checking the possibility of leaving and if all the criteria meet the passage, opens the barrier. A regular customer puts the card to an external reader and leaves with it.

Automated parking management increases the capacity of the parking lot, because all operations are carried out quickly, without the involvement of additional staff. Information about entering and leaving vehicles is registered automatically, vacant seats are constantly recorded, the payment process is transparent and excludes fraud. If necessary, a flexible tariff system can be established for different categories of customers; possible gradation of the cost of services depending on the parking area or time of day. Parking management in automatic mode is efficient, convenient and profitable.

Why us?

Parking system from "PARKTIME.PRO" is an intelligent automatic parking system