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Design of parking lots and areas

The company "PARKTIME.PRO" is professionally designing parking lots since 1997, implementing tasks of any degree of complexity without deviating from the requirements of the current regulatory documents. Our projects use our own equipment, which effectively copes with several functions at once:

  1. Control of vehicles access to the parking area;
  2. Acceptance of payments for services provided;
  3. Performing service functions and ensuring the safety of customers.

Design of parking lots and areas – is a modern complex solution that includes planning work for the installation of equipment (automated parking systems - APS) and the development of project documentation. This also includes consulting activities for the customer and future personnel of the facility.

Experienced specialists are involved in the technological part of the project.

This means drawing up schemes for organizing the movement of cars and pedestrians within the parking lot, the location of parking spaces and technical means of traffic control, as well as parking navigation. As part of the technological part of the design of underground parking lots and parking, an explanatory note is drawn up, in which the traffic of entry / exit of vehicles is analyzed taking into account the use of an automated parking system.

The specialists of the project department provide detailed advice on all issues related to the organization of parking:

  1. Requirements to the parking staff;
  2. APS operating instructions;
  3. Parking equipment layout plan.

The design of parking lots and parking areas includes the preparation of working documentation, which relates to the organization of traffic at the facility - during construction and for the subsequent period of operation.

Organization of paid parking

With the growing number of cars in every city, the problem of car parking is becoming more and more urgent every day. This issue is even more acute for shopping and entertainment complexes, restaurants, hotels, airports, supermarkets and nightclubs, where the competent organization of parking lots is directly related to their life support and / or profitability.

In case, when the number of cars does not exceed a certain threshold, they could be parked at the side of the road and in other places near the desired object.

But, firstly, it is not always possible to do this following the traffic rules . And secondly, leaving a car unattended is always associated with the risk of theft, burglary or damage to property.

The organization of paid parking close to infrastructure facilities will help to solve this problem in a contemporary way.

Parkings may be indoor and outdoor, above ground, underground and multi-level.

The advantages of organized parking:

  • Raises the status of the object, attracts visitors to the object, helping to increase sales;
  • Allows you to gain additional profit;
  • Increases the organization of car parking and significantly increases the parking capacity in comparison with open spontaneous parking;
  • Increases the safety of car storage.

All projects of PARKTIME.PRO are developed according to the Enterprise Standards which take into account the individual characteristics of each specific object.

The design of parking lots takes care of the interests of both parties to the maximum extent - customers (parking lot owners) and motorists using this service. We offer smart solutions for modern parking, which effectiveness has been proven in practice.

When designing parking lots, the specifics of the parking lot, the features of the area and many other individual factors are taken into consideration. PARKTIME.PRO has accumulated unique experience, which allows us to develop projects of different levels of complexity.

The result of the design of the parking job is the release of:

  • Technological project;
  • SPP working documentation;
  • Creation of an information transport model of traffic network.

To perform all the functionality and meet the tasks assigned to it, parking should be convenient, with the required number of parking spaces and their clear markings, convenient access roads, and a well-thought-out system of entrances and exits. It is necessary to carefully develop a parking project individually for each object.

A well-thought-out organization of a parking lot largely depends on the implementation of a solution, specifically chosen for the object. After all, the solution ideal, say, for a hotel, is not suitable for an airport, and vice versa. It all depends on the type of object, its size, capacity, purposes and terms of use and many other factors.

When installing automation systems for the parking process, they are being equipped with barriers, payment terminals (automatic cash registers), entry and exit racks, traffic lights. A video surveillance system, license plate recognition, information and navigation boards, altimeters, programmable logic controllers and a wide range of other useful systems.

When developing a project for organizing traffic in a parking lot, the width of the lanes (if possible), the direction of movement, the size of each parking space, problem sections, escape routes, and safety and ease of use of the parking lot are carefully planned.

When arranging equipment during the production of working documentation, such parameters as throughput, turning radii of vehicles, slopes of ramps, etc. are taken into consideration. An illiterate arrangement of equipment can lead to a collapse or even an accident during the operation of a parking lot. The optimal arrangement of equipment allows you to squeeze the maximum out of the provided territory, and often significantly increase the convenience and capacity of the parking lot.

Why us?

Parking system from "PARKTIME.PRO" is an intelligent automatic parking system