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Parking for the sports complex

PARKTIME.PRO provides its customers with the opportunity to lease equipment for parking. To get detailed information, just contact our specialists in one of the convenient ways. We provide services throughout Russia.


In our company you can order parking equipment on lease. This service makes it possible to save money at the current stage.

Parking lot owners are regularly faced with the need to upgrade their equipment and purchase new ones. This requires additional financial investments, often quite large. The current realities of business do not always allow you to immediately collect the required amount or quickly get a loan from financial institutions. In this case, a rather effective way to solve the problem is to buy parking equipment on lease.

Our specialists have extensive experience working with various leasing companies, so we will provide support at all stages of the transaction. Equipment and leasing parking is an effective and reliable way to solve the problem of equipment renewal.

How to order?

The PARKTIME.PRO company takes care of its customers and offers several options that allow you to quickly and efficiently automate parking or update parking equipment. The sales department is ready to advise on all emerging issues. To order the service, just contact us at the specified phone number or use a special form on the website. We will answer all your questions and select the most effective way on an individual basis.

Why us?

Parking system from "PARKTIME.PRO" is an intelligent automatic parking system