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BC Concord

Our company has automated the multi-level underground parking of the business center.

The Smart system was used with automatic cash registers of premium level - M8.

A new proprietary Corridor technology was implemented in the parking lot, which makes it possible to control the position of cars on the ramp and to avoid their appearance in opposite directions. Passage through the state is also implemented. number and RFID long-range readers.


Tolmachevo airport

A major modernization of the parking system took place in Novosibirsk at the Tolmachevo airport. The Classic system, which has served for many years, has been upgraded to the Smart system. Zones have been added to the parking lot, the composition of the equipment has increased. A video surveillance and license plate recognition system has been added.


MövenPick Hotel

In the parking lot of the MövenPick hotel complex, our company installed the Smart series equipment. The facility also has a bi-directional single-track ramp, which was automated using the proprietary Corridor technology. The technology makes it possible to prevent the appearance of cars in opposite directions.


Administrative Hotel Complex. Vladivostok, Yeniseiskaya 23

In the parking lot of the complex, traditionally for the Far East, stands are installed, on both sides of the passage for the convenience of cars with both types of steering wheel.


LCD Emerald

The place of stunning beauty will find a second life. Living close to nature is one of the defining values of the future area. Currently, 2 parking zones with a total capacity of 125 parking spaces have been automated


Navigation with the transfer of information to the Yandex internal environment

Installation of a visual navigation system for the occupancy of parking spaces with navigation through zones based on a system with spaced sensor-indicators for 216 parking spaces was carried out. The transfer of information about the state of employment to the Yandex environment has been implemented.

Customer: Limited Liability Company "YANDEX"


Khrabrovo airport

A gateway system has been added, which will allow the parking operator to exclude cases of passage by the "train"..


Automatic checkout M3

The installed recycler allows you to use the accepted money for giving change. More details on the website:



Our experts have written an application for the Evotor ECO payment acceptance system. The Evotor line includes both desktop devices ( and a mobile portable cash register ( The convenience of this solution lies in the fact that the Evotor online cash register is not designed specifically for paying for parking, but can accept any payments, both for the parking system and for third-party services. Flexible systems of discounts, bonuses, other payments and opportunities available through this system become available when paying for parking. It will be especially convenient for our customers who already have Evotor devices. They will be able to expand the necessary functionality by purchasing only the application and the license.


GUM Novosibirsk

More than 120 thousand people visit Marx Square every day. The shopping complex has modern sales areas, a beautifully executed facade and convenient access roads. Its location is located in the zone of urban infrastructure development, so almost anyone can get to the trading halls and galleries of the center, both by public and private transport. On the adjacent territory of GUM, 2 parking lots are currently organized, equipped with automatic passage counters, automatic ticket offices and a video surveillance system. Operation and service is carried out by our employees.


BC Krasnoselsky

Business Center Krasnoselsky, located at Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya st., 3, building 2, is a modern seven-story building with a total area of 30,822 square meters. Rooms of categories "A" and "B" are available.


Knightsbridge Private Park

The Knightsbridge Private Park residential complex is a premium-level residential complex located in the green and well-maintained Khamovniki district. An important advantage of the project is a luxurious private park with an area of about 2 hectares.

To reduce the load on passages during peak hours, an automated system for switching directions on a reversing passage in conjunction with a traffic light control system has been implemented.

The internal space is equipped with a control of the passage to its own zone, which allows you to exclude the occupation of someone else's place.


Automatic checkout M8 (Lux)

Completed work on an automatic cash register for the top segment of the market - the Lux series. The product has a fundamentally new appearance that can decorate rooms of any level. The automatic cash register has a smaller size compared to previous products. The large 17 ”super-bright display will allow you to work with the cash register on the street in sunny weather. An advertising display located above the checkout (optional) will allow you to place your advertisement or announcements. The checkout has a rich package and possibilities for expanding the functionality according to the customer's specifications.


Features of changing the VAT rate and the format of fiscal documents in the cash register

С From January 1, 2019, Federal Law No. 303-FZ of 03.08.2018 comes into force, increasing the VAT rate from 18/118% на 20/120%.

Also, according to the order of the Federal Tax Service dated 09.04.2018 No. ММВ-7-20 / 207 @, from January 1, 2019, the very first format of fiscal documents - FFD 1.0 - will cease to operate.

To change the VAT rate in the cash register and the format of fiscal documents, you must:

  • update the KKT software to a version that supports FFD 1.05 and 20% VAT rate;
  • update the external control program to a version that supports FFD 1.05;
  • switch to the new format of fiscal documents - FFD 1.05 (for this, it is necessary to re-register the cash desk for the new format).

In the corresponding updated KKT software, the transition from the 18% VAT rate to 20% occurs automatically when the shift is first opened in 2019.

We inform you that, in accordance with the technological procedure, for the correct transition to the rate of 20%, you should close the shift at KKT no later than December 31, 2018 (by 23:59) and open a new shift in 2019.

We draw your attention to the fact that the responsibility for the implementation of the regulatory procedures lies with the user of the CCP. If the routine procedures are not followed, incorrect data may be sent to the OFD. At the same time, the Federal Tax Service somewhat softened the conditions for the transition to the 20% VAT rate by introducing a transition period in the first quarter of 2019, for more details see Letter of December 13, 2018. No. EED-4-20 / 24234 @ “On the change in the VAT tax rate from January 1, 2019” (attached).

If you have any questions, please contact the General Supplier and Sales Department of SKB VT “ISKRA” JSC, tel. (812) 336-64-06 or by email. mail

Letter of the Federal Tax Service on changing the VAT tax rate from January 1, 2019:Письмо_ФНС_про_НДС20.pdf


Switch to rate 20%

The manufacturer of the fiscal registrar ISKRA Prim in firmware 105.x implemented the transition from the VAT rate of 18% to the rate of 20%.

To switch from an 18% rate to a 20% rate, it is necessary to close the shift in the FR by the end of 2018 and open after the onset of 2019. In shifts opened in 2019, sales registration will be performed at a rate of 20%.

The fiscal registrar, in which the shift is open until 2019, will register payments at a rate of 18% until the close of the shift, regardless of the current date.

If you do not close the shift at the end of 2018, then before the close of the shift, all sales made after 00:00 on January 1, 2019 will be registered with the incorrect VAT rate of 18%, which would be a violation of the Tax Law.


Expansion of the Chelyabinsk Airport

As part of the opening of the second terminal of the Chelyabinsk airport, with the help of our partners, KBEXPERT, the airport parking space was retrofitted and modernized. The modernization affected the addition of the possibility of accepting 200 and 2000r bills, support for the KKM FFD 1.05 protocol and some other aspects.


Chita Airport parking

PARKTIME.PRO with the help of the general partner KBEXPERT automated parking at the Chita International Airport. A distinctive feature of the region is the presence of a large number of right-hand drive vehicles. For the convenience of customers, stands were installed on 2 sides of the driveway.

Automatic cash registers are able to accept all types of bills, including new bills of 200 and 2000 rubles, as well as bank cards. The parking is equipped with a video surveillance system for the driveways.


Ethnomir. Ethnographic park-museum

In the Kaluga Region, on the territory of the park-museum, with the help of our partner KBEXPERT, parking was automated. The equipment of the latest generation of the line was installed - Smart.


Osh International Airport

In the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, our partners, Trust Partners Group, have been equipped with a Parktime.Pro parking system at the Osh international airport. The partners performed all the work independently and at a high professional level. This is the second airport in Kyrgyzstan. The first project several years ago was the Manas International Airport in Bishkek, which the company successfully serves today.


Modernization of the video surveillance system in the parking lot of the MGIMO University

The outdated analog TV surveillance system was replaced with a modern IP system with anti-vandal cameras equipped with a motorized lens. Data from cameras via an optical network are sent to a hardware video recorder equipped with specialized hard drives for storing an archive.


Modernization of parking equipment in the westernmost part of our country

At the Khrabrovo airport (Kaliningrad), the equipment of the outdated version 3.0 was replaced with the equipment of the Classic line, as well as the parking equipment was retrofitted.

Added a system for recognizing state registration plates (numbers). Now it is possible to pay by bank cards at automatic cash desks.


Introduction of payment for parking by bank cards in the Atrium mall

In the shopping and entertainment center Atrium, another update of the parking system took place. The parking lot has been retrofitted with 3 new automatic cash desks with the ability to pay with bank cards.


Update at Yemelyanovo airport (Krasnoyarsk)

At the Yemelyanovo airport, the work and the test period of operation of the parking system PARKTIM.PRO of the Smart series have been completed.

The parking lot is equipped with a license plate recognition system and video registration. Cash and credit card payments are accepted at automatic terminals. Regular customers can drive through using various media: RFID, parking card, state. Room. A lot of innovations were applied in the implementation of the object.

Among them are the travel of regular customers by state number without using a parking card. A mobile portable cash register based on the MK-35F fiscal registrar has been implemented, which will allow accepting payments anywhere in the parking lot. And also some other innovations.


Firmware adaptation of cash registers

We are glad to announce that our company has completed work on adapting the firmware of cash registers to accept new banknotes with denominations of 200 and 2000 rubles. To get the functionality, please contact our service managers by phone +7 (495) 212-12-50 ext 129 or email


Residential complex Edelweiss-Comfort in Balashikha

Completed work on the commissioning of a parking space on the territory of the Edelweiss-Comfort residential complex in Balashikha.
Among the solutions at the facility, a system for the passage of residents of the residential complex using ACS key fobs was introduced.
In addition to the systems for video registration of the passage and fixation of the state number plate, in order to ensure safety, a system for photographing the drivers face was introduced on the territory. These systems work with both one-time users and residents who have access control key fobs and allow you to track possible illegal actions.
The site uses the Smart ruler system.

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